Bespoke Palisade Fence

Item No.: DMSPF02
"W" Section Palisade Security Fencing
W Pale Size: 68x2.0mm, 65x2.5mm
Panel Size: HxW: 1800x2750mm, 2100x2750mm, 2400x2750mm
Surface: Hot dipped galvanized; Galvanized then PVC Powder Coating
Color: Green,Yellow,Black,Blue,Silver

Bespoke Palisade Fence is one of Palisade Security Fencing. Specail structure keeps palisade high security, difficult to climb and against intruders.

Assembly Pictures of Powder Coating Bespoke Palisade Fence:
Steel palisade fencing offers the ultimate in security. This system is easy to assemble and once assembled offers a fencing system that is robust, long lasting and a formidable deterrent against crime and vandalism.
All steel palisade products are generally supplied hot dip galvanised to give long term weather resistance. All Pales can also be supplied powder coated to your RAL colour specification.

Bespoke Palisade Fence Bespoke Palisade Fence
Powder Coating Bespoke Palisade Fence Powder Coating Bespoke Palisade Fence

Bespoke Palisade Fence Specifications:
“W” Section Pale: 68mm x 2.0mm
Pales 2.0mm 'W' Section triple pointed
Posts 100x55mm RSJ
Support Angle: 50x50x5mm
Fixings: shear off nuts and bolts
Finish: Galvanised and Powder Coating
Bespoke Palisade Fence Applications:
Perimeter - medium/high security
Industrial units/ Commercial sites


Bespoke Palisade Fence Bespoke Palisade Fence
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