Steel Palisade Fence
Steel Palisade Fence there are 4 Products
Bespoke Palisade Fence
"W" Section Palisade Security Fencing W Pale Size: 68x2.0mm, 65x2.5mm Panel Size: HxW: 1800x2750mm, 2100x2750mm, 2400x2750mm Surface: Hot dipped galvanized; Galvanized then PVC Powder Coating Color: Green,Yellow,Black,Blue,Silver
Hot Dip Galvanized Sharp Steel Palisade
Palisade Panel HxW: 1800x2750mm, 2100x2750mm, 2400x2750mm "W" or "D" Sharp Pale with Triple Pointed Pale Size: 68x2.0mm, 68x2.5mm Surface: Hot Dipped Galvanized or PVC Powder Coated
Commercial Industrial Palisade Fencing
With Razor Barbed Wire Top High Security, Anti Climb W Pale Size: 68x2.0mm, 68x2.5mm Panel Size: HxW: 1800x2750mm, 2100x2750mm, 2400x2750mm Surface: Hot Dipped Galvanized
High Security Steel Palisade Fence
Hot dipped galvanized;Galvanized then PVC powder coating Green,Yellow,Black,Blue,Silver color are available HxW:1800x2750mm,2000x2750mm,2100x2750mm W pale,D pale and Angle pale head section with anti-climb Pale thickness:2.0mm,2.5mm,3.0mm,3.5mm
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