Canada PVC Coated Portable Fence

Item No.: DMTF08
Weld Wire Temporary Fence for Construction
Color: Orange, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green
Size: 1.8x2.9 meters, 2.1x2.95 meters
Galvanized Steel before Welding
PVC Coated after Welding

Canada PVC coated portable fence is alse named temporary construction fence, construction site fence.
Temporary construction fencing is an alternative to permanent security fence when a fence is required a short-term basis such as for storage, public safety, crowd control or theft deterrence. Besides pvc coated portable fence could be widely used in venue division at large outdoor events, parking lots and public restriction on industrial construction sites.

Material: Galvanised Steel 
Color: Orange,Blue,Red,Yellow,Green
With many available high visibility colors to choose.
Anchored to sturdy metal bases,connected at the top by metal clips.
Temporary fencing systems can quickly and easily be installed,without the need to disturb the surface area by digging holes or laying foundations.
Wire Diameter: 3.0mm,3.5mm,4.0mm
Opening Mesh: 50x100mm(2’’x4’’), 50x150mm(2''x6'')
Height x Length:
1.2x2.95meters, 1.5x2.95meters, 1.8x2.95meters, 2.1x2.95meters
Frame & Middle Pipe:
30x30mm, 25x25mm, 20x20mm
Steel Feet:

PVC Coated Portable Fence PVC Coated Portable Fence
PVC Coated Portable Fence Canada Portable Fence

Packing of portable fence:on pallet or in bulk.

Portable Fence Panel  Canada Portable Fence Panel

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