PVC Coated Diamond Mesh Chain Link Security Fence
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Australia Weld Mesh Dog Kennels Orders

Hot dipped galvanised surface finishing
Steel sheet roof cover for shade and bad weather
Outdoor hot galvanised weld mesh dog kennels direct manufacture,please choose Durable Metal Products Co.,Ltd.
Dog kennels have the advantages of movable,modular and portable.Thus keep it satisfy kinds of clients' need.Hot dipped galvanized surface finishing have long lifetime and anti-corrosion.
Because of modular feature,it could be 1-run dog kennel,2-runs dog kennel,3-runs dog kennel.1-run dog kennels size is 10'x5'x6'.Clients could assemble according to dogs' need.
Following 3-run dog kennel picture is from our Australia client application.He is very glad to show his dogs.

3-Run Weld Mesh Dog Kennels