Diamond Mesh Chain Link Fence

Item No.: DMCLF01
Barbed arms,steel cap,rail end,brace band,tensile band,loop cup
Hem edge end and twisted edge end chain link mesh
High from 3ft to 20ft
Diamond mesh:25x25mm,50x50mm,60x60mm,65x65mm
Hot galvanised steel wire or vinyl coated steel wire

Chain link fence is woven with galvanized steel wire or vinyl coated steel wire by automatic chain link mesh machines.The mesh pattern is diamond mesh,weaving is simple and strong.Diamond mesh openning makes chain link fencing not only beautiful but firm.

Durable Metal Products chain link fence could be divided into 3 types according to surface finishing:

Electric galvanized chain link fencing with 7-15G per square meter zinc coating;

Hot-dip galvanized chain link fence with 35-400G per square meter zinc coating.

PVC coated chain link fencing (color:green,black,blue,silver)


Galvanized Chain Link Fence PVC Coated Chain Link Fence


Chain link fence edge includes hem edge end and twisted edge end.Clients could choose the suitable type as their uses.

Diamond Mesh Chain Link Fence

Size and Specifications of chain link fence as following:


Wire diameter:7#--20#(1.2mm--5.0mm)

Diamond Mesh size:1''x 1'',1.5'' x1.5'',2'' x2'',2-1/4'' x2-1/4'',2-3/8''x 2-3/8'',2-1/2''x 2-1/2'',2-5/8''x 2-5/8'',3''x 3'',4''x 4''

Roll length:0.5m--100m, roll width:0.5m--5.0m.

Application:Chain link fence is extensively used as fences for playground,gardens,super highway,railway,airport,port and residence.It also can be application for keeping animals and livestock.


Black Chain Link Mesh Galvanized Chain Link Mesh


Diamond Fence Chain Link Fence

China Durable Metal Products is the direct manufacture and exporter for diamond mesh chain link fence.We could control all quality from materials to production process.Clients could not be worrying the quality and shipping.Please believe Durable Metal.

Chain link fence and fence accessories fittings are together goods.If you purchase chain link mesh from us,we could tell you which kinds of fence fittings are required.Do not waste time to search.


Fence Fittings Fence Fittings


Durable Metal chain link fence could help you save time and money cost.