Factory Sale Fence Accessories

Item No.: DMFA01
Hot dipped galvanized and PVC powder coatings
Steel materials and Aluminum materials
Barbed arms,steel cap,rail end,loop cap,brace band,tensile band,cantilever wheel roller,latch,steel bar,,clamps,sleeve
Used in chain link fence,filed fence,steel fence

Durable Metal Products provides steel or aluminum fence and gate hardware accessories to residential,commercial and industrial property owners.

Fence hardware accessories include various kinds,such as steel post cap,rail end,loop cap,brace band,tensile band,tensile bar,top rail,line post,45 degree(3 wire) barbed arms,V (6 wire) barbed arms,cantilever roller wheel,hings,latch and many others.


Steel Post Cap Steel Clamps
Barbed Arms Double Barbed Arms
Rail End Loop Cap
Clamp Gate Hingle

Every fence parts are available in hundreds of types and sizes.

Surface finishing: all fence fittings could be hot dipped galvanized,PVC powder coating (black color,green color,white color).Special color please supply RAL series number.

All these fence accessories make our fence more beautiful and easy to installation and simple to ship. Fence fittings are widely used in application with chain link fence.

Welcome to email us your required hardware accessories,we could give you best offer with good quality.

Our business concept of good faith, look forward to working together with the development of each client.


Line Rail Clamp
Finishing: Hot Dip Galvanized Size: 1-3/8'', 1-5/
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End Rail Clamp
Finishing: Hot Dip Galvanized Size: 1-3/8'', 1-5/
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Pressed Steel Post Cap
Materials: Press Steel Finishing: Hot Dip Galvan
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Chain Link Gate Hinges
Finishing: Hot Dip Galvanized Gate Frame Hinges a
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Hot Galvanized Top Rail Eye Top
Material: Steel Finishing: Hot dipped galvanized
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