Factory Sale Hot Galvanized Pedestrian Fence

Item No.: DMCCB04
Size:1100mm x 2000mm,1000mm x 2200mm
Frame tube:25mm,32mm,38mm OD
Inner tube:16mm,19mm,20mm,25mm OD
Space of Inner tube:80mm,100mm,110mm,120mm
Hot dip galvanized surface finishing

Durable Metal Products Co.,Ltd is the direct manufacture and exporter of temporary fence and crowd control barriersPedestrain fence is another called of crowd control barricade.

Description of Pedestrain Fence:

Pedestrian Fence Barrier system is ideal and perfect for traffic road,sporting events, Olympic Games,concerts, public gatherings,construction sites.
Pedestrian Barrier with flat feet,bridge feet provides a quick and firm installation without digging into ground.
Perfect situations for safety.
Simple and light weigt make barriers more easy shipping.

Hot Galvanized Pedestrian Fence Hot Galvanized Pedestrian Fence

Specifications of Pedestrain Fence:
Surface finishing:Hot dipped galvanized after total welded
Frame pipe: Ø25x2.0mm, Ø32x2.0mm, Ø38x1.5mm, Ø38x2.0mm
Pitch space:80mm,100mm,120mm,125mm,150mm
Inner pipe: Ø20x1.2mm, Ø25x1.2mm, Ø32x1.5mm, Ø32x1.5mm
Feet Type:Plastic feet with concrete,Flat steel feet,Bridge steel feet.

Hot Galvanized Pedestrian Fence Hot Galvanized Pedestrian Fence

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