Hot Dip Galvanized Sharp Steel Palisade

Item No.: DMSPF04
Palisade Panel HxW: 1800x2750mm, 2100x2750mm, 2400x2750mm
"W" or "D" Sharp Pale with Triple Pointed
Pale Size: 68x2.0mm, 68x2.5mm
Surface: Hot Dipped Galvanized or PVC Powder Coated
We supply a full range of heights starting from 1.2 meters up to 3.6 meters for sharp palisade fence. Common width of steel palisade fence panel is 2.75m.
Sharp Steel Palisade Fence are normally produced three types of pales, "W" profile, "D" profile and angle iron. General thickness of ‘W’ profile are 2.0mm, 2.5mm,3.0mm.
To fix the pales to the rails with bolts (M6 and M8) 
Palisade Steel Fence can be supplied self-colored, hot dip galvanized or galvanized & polyester powder-coated, colors could be RAL series.
Generally rails are available in four sizes, 40x40mm, 45x45mm, 50x50mm and 65x50mm. 
The sizes of the rails depend on the height of sharp steel palisade and level of security required.

This steel palisade system is easy to assemble and once assembled offers a fencing system that is robust, long lasting and a formidable deterrent against crime and vandalism. Steel palisade fence are widely used for commercial, industrial, airport, utilities and high security required sites.
Hot Dip Galvanized Sharp Steel Palisade Hot Dip Galvanized Sharp Steel Palisade
Hot Dip Galvanized Sharp Steel Palisade Hot Dip Galvanized Sharp Steel Palisade

Packing and shipping of sharp steel palisade pictures:
Generally we supply steel fence panels which are normally loose for assembling on site.
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