China Large Outdoor Dog Kennels Is Not Expensive to Abroad

Many clients are interested in Durable Metal Large Outdoor Dog Kennels,but they are worrying freight cost is high.They do not want to purchase expensive dog kennels.
Now we will tell you China large outdoor dog kennels are not expensive to abroad.The price is reasonable and acceptable to every one.
Although dog kennels size is large,and it looks more space for pet when you install are right.But this is folding large outdoor dog kennels,it is not a whole cage.Large dog kennels are consist of frame dog kennel panels and steel clips and bolts.Frame dog kennel panels could be weld wire mesh fence panel or chain link mesh fence panel.Panel size is not large,width is 1.0m to 1.5m,height is 1.5m to 2.0m.When shipped to abroad from China,workers will put all dog kennels panels on steel pallet.This size dog panles are easy and suitable to load into container for shipment.All clients could combine several panels with steel clips and bolts according to your required size.Thus the large outdoor dog kennels are completed.
Because of the folding and flexible of dog kennels,it is called portable dog kennels.Please abandon your worrying,large outdoor dog kennels are suitable to ship from China to abroad.And price is not expensive.
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