Difference Between Weld Mesh Gabions and Hexagonal Gabions

Weld mesh gabions is made by weld wire mesh panels and spiral wire or steel bolts.
Wire diameter of weld mesh panels: 3.0mm - 6.0mm
Mesh opening of weld mesh panels: 37.5x75mm, 50x50mm, 75x75mm, 50x75mm, 50x100mm, 100x100mm
Hexagonal gabion mesh box is made by heavy hexagonal wire mesh.
Wire diameter of hexagonal wire mesh: 2.0mm- 4.0mm
Mesh opening of hexagonal wire mesh: 60x80mm, 80x100mm, 100x120mm
These are obvious difference that we could see from the gabions surface.
weld mesh gabions Hexagonal Gabion Mesh

Applications of weld mesh gabions:
1.)Decorative garden, house, home and landscape as step and wall.
2.)Rock fall defending                                                
3.)Preventing the water and soil lost
4.)Protecting the bridge
5.)Reinforce fabric
6.)Seashore recovery project
7.)Seaport project
8.)Block wall
9.)Defending the road
Hexagonal mesh gabions do not have the fuction of landscape gabions.

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