How to Order Best Offer Ornamental Steel Fence?

Many customers are wondering how to choose suitable ornamental steel fence online? What kind of ornamental steel fence is best for my application? They feel worrying for the purchasing order because they could not see the goods in local shop. They must make a decision by the web site introduction. 
Yes. As the supplier of steel security ornamental steel fence, I understand what all clients worrying. Today I list you a few things for reference when you intend to have a steel ornamental fence order.
1, Please confirm you have decided to have ornamental fence as your security fence.
2, Please choose which is your favorite production and connect style for steel ornamental? Steel ornamental fence could be divided into two kinds of as production technology. One is weld ornamental steel, this means all support bar and vertical steel bar are welded together for a fence panel. The other is spliced assembly, this means no welding for per fence panel. All horizontal bars have suitable holes for inserting all vertical bars. This spliced ornamental fence could be shipped in bulk without connecting all bars for a fence panel. Just ship all steel bars and connect accessory.
3, Please decide what rails quantity is your needed? Generally steel ornamental fence includes two-rails ornamental steel fence, three-rails ornamental steel fence, four-rails ornamental steel, and bend angle steel ornamental fence.
4, Ensure steel materials, this is important to affect ornamental steel price and lifetime. Generally zinc coated steel materials tubes are necessary. But some clients require low and low price, they choose low carbon steel as materials. Of course just carbon steel without zinc coated materials steel ornamental price is lower. You could not recognize which material is used jusy by seeing. But when you install all fence, you will find zinc coated materials fence could be about at least 10 years old. But just low carbon steel materials ornamental fence will start rust after 1 year.
5, Last, you need to confirm the color for surface finishing. All ornamental steel fence is powder coated finishing. Many colors could be choosed. Black, green, blue and white are popular.

Above all, you could have a best offer, strong and beautiful steel ornamental fence.

black weld ornamental steel fence black spliced assembly steel ornamental fence

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