Ornamental Steel Fence is Wrought Iron Fence?

Ornamental steel fence is a classic wrought iron fence for safety.
It is made of steel iron tube,so it belongs to wrought iron fence.Because of its unique spear of the vertical steel tube rails,it is anti-climb and high security.
Simple structure and colorful surface finishing with pvc powder coating make people call it ornamental steel fence.Ornamental steel fence are widely used in garden,commercial,community,industrial.
When you purchase ornamental steel fence,please tell us what style is your choice?One type is weld ornamental steel fence,The other type is assemble ornamental steel fence.
These are two different production technology steel fence.But the applications are same.Both are simple style,firm and high security.
Difference are as following:
Weld ornamental steel fence is a whole fence panel.All vertical spear rails are welded together with horizontal steel rails.Then it can be make hot dipped galvanized or pvc powder coating surface finishing.So it must be packed and shipped in panels.You could install them easily when you get it.
Assemble ornamental steel fence is not welding fence.All vertical spear rails and horizontal steel rails are PVC powder coating.And then all vertical rails could be inserted into horizontal steel bars.Then one assemble ornamental steel fence panel is completed.You could packed and shipped in panels or packed and shipped all finishing vertical rails and horizontal rails.You could assem all rails into panels when you get it then install it.
This shipping is more easy than weld ornamental steel fence panels.But you will take more time and workers to assem them before install.
Of course this assemble ornamental steel fence are also could shipped by panels.We could assem all rails into panels then make packing before shipping.

Clients could depend which to choose and how to choose according to my explanation and your requirement.

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