Ornamental Steel Fence Production Process

Ornamental Steel Fence with beauty and firm features is called decorative ornamental steel fence.
Generally powder coating steel fence is widely used.It could be various color,RAL series,such as black,white,blue.
Weld ornamental steel fence is simple and firm but production process is not simple,it must have following 10 steps for a perfect security steel fence.
1,Design ornamental steel fence type as your application.
2,Cut materials (Zinc coated steel tube as materials)
3,Forge and Punching 
4,Bending materials
5,Welding all materials
6,Burnishing all welding point on ornamental steel fence panels
7,Acid pickling steel fence panels
8,Powder coating fence panels
9,Baking finish whole ornamantal steel fence panels
10.Inspection fence
11.Packing and Shipment ornamental steel fence for clients.

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