Stainless Steel Rope Mesh as Zoo Mesh & Animal Enclosure

  Stainless steel rope mesh ( another names are stainless steel cable mesh, stainless steel cable netting) is a kind of professional hand woven stainless steel.
  Stainless steel rope mesh is made for Gorilla fence netting, Gorilla enclosure mesh netting and Gorilla cage mesh netting.
  Stainless steel rope mesh could be designed for Deer netting and Deer fence net. Hand woven stainless steel mesh for animal enclosure design could be customized mesh panel and enclosure cage.  
  Stainless steel rope mesh is made for Zoo Line enclosure fence, Zoo Line enclosure and Zoo Line cage net.
  Monkey enclosure fence net, Girraffe enclosure fence net, Big cat enclosure net and Bird enclosure fence net are also made with hand woven stainless steel rope mesh.
  Because of special woven structure, stainless steel rope mesh is flexible. And stainless steel materials is rust-proof and environment-friendly. In additon stainless steel material is robust for keeping even fierce animals safe.
  About how to order stainless steel zoo mesh and animal enclosure price, welcome to contact with Durable Metal Products Co.,Ltd.

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