Technology of Steel Palisade Fence

The Steel Palisade Fence system show an architecturally-pleasing security barrier design that deters potential attacks with kinds of pales designs to discourage climbing and delays intrusion with high strength steel construction.

Steel palisade fence panels feature strong,are made up with secure steel pales (including W pales,Angle pales,D pales designs)depending on the security and architechtural requirements.With standard height of 8',10'and 12',palisade is an effective and attractive security barrier.

Panels are installed on horizontal support rails and post.This configuration allows for fast installation.

Of course,steel palisade gate is must when we use palisade fence.Choose from a wide range of gate styles,including pedestrian and drive swing gates,slide and cantilever gate.

High quality hot dipped galvanized steel is coated.Architectural grade powder coating provides the industry's longest-lasting protection and lifetime.


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