Why Ornamental Steel Fence Could Be Different Color?

  As known spear top ornamental steel fence is different color. Black, White, Gray, Blue and Brown color keep ornmanetal steel fence beautiful and high corrosion resistance.
  Just because of pvc powder coated surface treatment makes fence color.Why standard ornamental steel fence is pvc powder coated surface finishing? First, pvc powder coated is a kind of technology of anti corrosion. Second, pvc powder coated is different from pvc coated (plastic coated). PVC powder coated is an electrostatic paint spray process. PVC coated is a very thick coating of plastic applied by dipping a part into a liquid solution. Third, The thickness of pvc powder coating is just only 0.1mm.  It could be ignored. But the thickness of pvc coated is about 0.8mm. When we calculate the metal thickness. The pvc coated thickness could not be ignored. Last, generally galvanised steel materials products could be made with PVC Powder Coated. Thus galvanised combines with galvanised. It will shows better corrison resistance. If no galvanised steel just steel and iron with PVC Powder coated is insigificance. So just steel or iron materials products could be make with pvc coated. Because pvc coated thickness is thicker. Fifth, ornamental steel fence materials are galvanised steel tube and rails. But ornamental steel fence is widely used in resistance, industrial, commercial and high-grade places. It must be beautiful, strong and high corrison resistance. So PVC Powder coating is best suitable.
  All of above, this is why ornamental steel fence is different color and strong.
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