Knitted Wire Mesh

Item No.: DMKWM01
Material:stainless steel wire 304,316,316L, copper wire,monel wire
Wire shape:flat silk or round silk
Wire dia:0.20mm-0.25mm
Mesh size:4mm×3mm,5mm×6mm,2mmx4mm,4mmx5mm
Standard Mesh,Coarse Mesh or Super-coarse mesh.
Knitted Wire Mesh is called gas liquid filter knitted wire mesh, stainless steel wire gas liquid filter meshcopper knitted wire mesh, weave filter wire mesh.
Specification of Knitted Wire Mesh:
Material: Gas-liquid filter knitted wire mesh is made of stainless steel wire 304, 316, 316L, copper wire, titanium wire, monel wire, galvanized iron wire, polyamide fiber or F46 wire.
Wire shape: flat silk or round silk.
Wire dia: 0.10mm-0.55mm.Most common:0.20mm-0.25mm.
Mesh size: 4mm×3mm,5mm×6mm,2mmx4mm,4mmx5mm
Width: 40mm,80mm,100mm,150mm,200mm,300mm,400mm,500mm,600mm,800mm,1000mm,1200mm,1400mm,1500mm.
Length: 10m,20m,50m,100m,200m.

Application of Knitted Wire Mesh:
Gas liquid filter knitted wire mesh serves well in filtering and deleting the particle mixture in foam,liquid and air.By the way of distillating,absorbing,evaporating and filtering process,in petroleum,chemicals,metallurgy,machine,pharmaceuticals,automobile and environmental protection.
Features of Gas liquid filter knitted wire mesh:
A variety of metal wire and non-metallic silk production,the specific absorption of evaporation,and high temperatures,strong corrosion resistance,the elimination of steam in the attach the gas or liquid droplets.
Knitted Wire Mesh Knitted Wire Mesh
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