Portable Metal Aviary Frames

Item No.: DMDK07
Welded wire mesh panel frame
Galvanized then PVC powder coating
Square tube frame:25x25mm
Panel size:900mm wide x900mm high
Connection:Bolts or Steel Clips

Portable Metal Aviary Frames come into every house for secure bird,chicken and pet.Durable Metal Products Co.,Ltd introduce clients how metal aviary is made?

Different form traditional bird cage,metal aviary frames could be folding,simple structure,easy installation with bolts and steel clips.You could make aviary as large as your hope.Do not need to worry it is too large to ship.Because the aviary is connection with several weld mesh frame panels.
Metal aviary frame panels specification:

Panels size:900x900mm,1000x1000mm
Wire diameter:2.5mm,3.0mm,3.5mm,4.0mm,4.5mm,5.0mm
Mesh opening:50x50mm,50x100mm
Sqaure tube:20x20mm,25x25mm,30x30mm,20x30mm
Surface finishing:Hot dipped galvanized,Galvanized then PVC powder coated.
Fittings:Bolts,Steel clips
Features:Folding,Movable,Flexible,Safety,Comfortable,Secure,Easy installation and shipment.


Portable Metal Aviary Frames Portable Metal Aviary Frames
Portable Metal Aviary Frames Portable Metal Aviary Frames

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