Powder Coated Crowd Control Barricade

Item No.: DMCCB06
Highly Visible and Beautiful Barrier;
Red,White,Black,Orange,Yellow color available;
Made from Galvanised Steel;
High Corrosion Resistance;
Size:1.1x2.0 meters, 1.1x2.2 meter,1.2x2.0 meters.

If you are planning a public event, one of the most important aspects to consider is the safety of the public. And You must assure that these crowd control barricade will offer great protection.This time powder coated crowd control barricade is an ideal choice. Powder coated steel crowd barricade is highly visible barrier. Bright color ensures it beauty. Manufactured from high galvanised steel, powder coated after welding.
Specifications of Crowd Control Barricade:
Length: 7 feet (including interlocking ends)
Height: 43 inch tall 
Frame Pipe: 1.25 inch (O.D.)
Material: 16 gauge steel thickness.
Bars: 16 Vertical Bars of 3/4 inch. (O.D.).
Surface Finishing: Powder coated after Galvanised Steel Total Welded.
Each set crowd control barricade item includes one piece of crwod control barricade panel, two bridge feets.
Features of Steel Crowd Control Barricade:
Standard Black, White, Red, Orange Powder Coat Color. Other colors available.
Bridge feet held by a simple locking pin - no bolts to tighten, no tools required.
Easily stackable for storage and transportation. Heavy duty construction with 1.5 inch frame is available.
Colored powder coat finish has an attractive appearance.
High corrosion resistance and long lifetime for outdoor application.
Unique interlock hook design does not allow inline barricades to be pulled apart by the public, providing a more robust crowd control barrier.
Built in area for sign attachment for your logo, promotions, directions, or information.

Powder Coated Crowd Control Barricade Powder Coated Crowd Control Barricade
Powder Coated Crowd Control Barricade Powder Coated Crowd Control Barricade
Black Powder Coated Crowd Control Barricade Orange Color Crowd Control Barricade
Powder Coated Crowd Control Barricade
Highly Visible and Beautiful Barrier; Red,White,B
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