Powder Coated Ornamental Steel Fence

Item No.: DMOSF01
Size (HxW): 1800x2400mm, 1800x3000mm, 2100x2400mm
Horizontal Bar Size: 40x40mm rails; 2,3 or 4 number.
Zinc steel tube decorative ornamental iron fence
Color: Black, Geen, Blue, White for PVC powder coated surface finishing

Durable Metal Products Co.,Ltd could not only produce ornamental steel fence,but also design as your usage applications.Ensure best offer and guarantee quality.Kinds of sizes and types of ornamental steel fence are available.

Recommend Size of Ornamental Steel Fence


Post Center Distance(mm):2400,2500,2750,3000

Post Size (mm):50x50x2.0mm,60x60x2.0mm

Horizontal bar no.:two,three,four  

Horizontal bar size(mm):40x40x1.5mm,50x50x1.5mm

Vertical bar size(mm):16x16x1.2mm,20x20x1.5mm,25x25x1.5mm

Surface Finishing:Galvanised then PVC powder coating.


Production and Fence accessaries of Ornamental Steel Fence:


 Ornamental Steel Fence Weld Ornamental Steel Fence
Powder Coated Ornamental Steel Fence Black Ornamental Steel Fence
Ornamental Steel Fence Clamp Steel Cap

Features of Ornamental Steel Fence manufactured by China Durable Metal Products Co.,Ltd:

1.Durable Metal Ornamental steel fence is using permanent powder coating method,no rust,no flake off,no color fading,bright lastly and stable in color.

2.No welding assembly design and welding type makes installation more simple and quick.

3.Four layer anti-corrosive finishing treatment,more than twenty years service life fundamentally saves the cost.

4.Environment protection solves the problem of common pollution to buildings.

5.Rigid and flexible factors of raw material make the products have excellent anti-impact performance.

6.In the style of porcelain enamel treating,electrostatic spraying polyster(pvc coating)provides good self-cleaning properties.Rain washing and water cannons spraying can make it bright and clean.

7.Aluminum alloy accessories,stainless steel bolts and anti-theft design solve all your worries.

8.Embedded into ground and anchor plate type installation methods can save land resources and construction cost at the same time.

Packing and Shipping of Ornamental Steel Fence:


Powder Coated Ornamental Steel Fence Powder Coated Ornamental Steel Fence
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