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N Brace Farm Fence
Hot dipped galvanized N brace type weld mesh Wire:5mm,Open mesh:100x200mm Frame pipe:Φ32mmx2mm Height:1170mm Width(mm):900,2400,3000,3600,4200,4800
Hot Galvanized Fixed Knot Deer Fence
Woven with high tensile quality steel wire not welding hot dipped galvanized or heavy zinc coated surface finising High from 600mm t0 2500mm,Wide from 20m to 200m Wire diameter:2.0mm,2.5mm,3.0mm Fence post and fence accessaries available
Galvanized Gabion Mesh Basket
Weld Gabion Baskets and Hexagonal Gabion Mesh Weld gabion basket is made by weld wire mesh panels and spiral wire or steel bolts. Hexagonal gabion mesh box is made by heavy hexagonal wire mesh. Galvanized,Hot galvanized,Galfan and PVC coated.
Weld Ripper Razor Wire Fence
Diamond mesh hole or Square mesh hole Hot dipped galvanised or PVC powder coated BTO-10,BTO-20,BTO-22,CBT-65 Mesh size:75mmx150mm,100mmx200mm,150mmx300mm Size of Mesh:1.0m - 10.0m Installation:Square pipe post or Round pipe post
Hot Galvanized Steel Grating
Plain,Serrated Steel Bar Material 253mm,254mm,303mm,304mm,305mm,355mm,404mm,405mm Max Size:1mx6m,1mx5.8m Open:40x40,40x100,30x50,40x50,50x50,30x100mm Hot dip galvanized or Stainless steel
U Shape Fence Post
Size:50x30x2.5mm,60x40x2.5mm,70x50x2.5mm U Shape Post with Hook Hot dip galvanized,PVC coated Length:30cm,70cm,180cm,220cm,240cm
Steel Wire Dog Kennels With Feeding Bowls
Quick Water and Feeding SS Bowls Fixed on the Kennel Panel Indoor and Outdoor Usage Weld Steel Wire Kennel Long Lifetime
8 Panel Heavy Duty Dog Playpen
Wire Kennel Pet Exercise Pen Size: 32" High x 31" Wide Frame tube: 1/2'',3/4'',1'' Steel Wire: 3.0mm,4.0mm Black Powder Coated Surface Finish Packing: 8 Panels, 8 Pins and 1 Latch
Canada Temporary Construction Fence
Colored Powder Coated Portable Fence Orange, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green Standard Panels: 6'H x9.5'L, 4'Hx9.5'L Mesh: 2''x4'', 3''x6''
Powder Coated Crowd Control Barricade
Highly Visible and Beautiful Barrier; Red,White,Black,Orange,Yellow color available; Made from Galvanised Steel; High Corrosion Resistance; Size:1.1x2.0 meters, 1.1x2.2 meter,1.2x2.0 meters.
Press Point Steel Spear Fence
3 Support Horizontal Rails; PVC Powder Coating; Black, Green, Blue, White Color; Size (HxW): 1800x2400mm, 1800x3000mm, 2100x2400mm; Vertical Press Point Tubular: 19x19x1.2mm, 20x20x1.5mm, 25x25x1.5mm;
Spear Top Garrison Fence
Steel Picket Tubular 19x19mm, 20x20mm, 25x25mm Two or Three Support Horizontal Rails Size (HxW): 1800x2400mm, 1800x3000mm, 2100x2400mm; Hot Galvanized and PVC Powder Coating; Color: Black, Geen, Blue, White.
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