Roll Top Mesh Fence

Item No.: DMWWF02
Hot Dip Galvanizing
PVC Powder Coating
Available Sizes:Height 900mm,1200mm,1800mm,2000mm
Width:2000mm to 3000mm.
Roll Top and Bottom
Roll Top Mesh Fence is a unique knid of weld wire fence.It is made vertical wire and horizontal wire welded by 5.0mm,6.0mm,8.0mm.The mesh aperture opening with75mm x 150mm,50mm x 75mm,50mm x 200mm,50mm x 150mm is most classical standard opening.Standard size of mesh fence panel 2000mm,2500mm and 3000mm.Surface Anti-corrosion treatment commonly take hot dip galvanized,galvanized with PVC powder painting( 100microns min) or PVC coated (500microns min).

Why called Roll Top Mesh Fence Panel?

Roll Top means roll top and bottom.It is a mesh fence system that enhanced safety and rigidity of fence system.Along the top side and bottom side of fence there are closed section located ,the roll top mesh fence system is most friendly system for install workers due to there are no any burrs or sharp,raw edges in the whole sheet of mesh fence .Roll top mesh fence width is 2000mm,2500mm width and 3000mm and the height ranges from 900mm to 2000mm to suit difference conditions requirement.The rolled beam at the top and bottom of fence panels lead to the unique maximum rigidity.

Installation of Roll Top Mesh Fence System

The Roll top mesh fence is a completely fence system, it is conclusive of fence panel, post,gates and fastener system.The post is manufacturer by 60x60 x 2.5mm square hollow sections,60mm round pipe and fittings with M8 threaded inserts and post cap for securing panels.

Roll Top Fence Roll Top Wire Panel
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