Temporary Welded Yard Kennels

Item No.: DMDK05
Kennel is composed of several temporary fence panels
Hot dipped galvanized,Powder coated
Round tube frame:32mm
Panel size:1.5m wide x1.8m high
Gate:1.5m wide x 1.8m high;2.0m wide x 1.8m high

Dog Kennels could keep your pet and dog safe from other attacking animal.And could promise dogs playing in a large space in our house and backyard.

Dogs and pet are the best reliable friends to human.All people would like to give them better environment and living room.Thus Durable Metal temporary weld yard kennels appear to suit  your need.

Temporary weld yard kennels specifications are as following:

Temporary weld yard kennels are composed of several temporary fence panels.

Panels size:1.5m W x 1.8m H,1.2m W x1.8m H,2.0m W x 1.8m

Kennel size:1.5mx1.5mx1.8m,1.5mx3.0mx1.8m,3.0mx3.0mx1.8m,2.4mx2.4mx1.8m,2.0mx3.0mx1.8m.Sizes could change as your modular panles.

Wire diameter:3.5mm,4.0mm,4.5mm,5.0mm

Mesh opening:50x50mm,50x100mm

Round steel tube:Diameter 32mm,38mm,40mm

Surface finishing:Hot dipped galvanized,Galvanized then PVC powder coated.


Fittings:Connection clips and latch.

Features:Movable,Flexible.Easy installation and shipment.


Black Welded Yard Kennels
Temporary Welded Kennels

Roof cover dog kennels are available,please check Durable Metal Products Co.,Ltd.

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