Weld Ripper Razor Wire Fence

Item No.: DMRWF01
Diamond mesh hole or Square mesh hole
Hot dipped galvanised or PVC powder coated
Mesh size:75mmx150mm,100mmx200mm,150mmx300mm
Size of Mesh:1.0m - 10.0m
Installation:Square pipe post or Round pipe post

Welded razor wire fence is welded by razor barbed wire.

Razor Wire Mesh Fence has been designed as a high security fencing mesh used to protect commercial,indstrial,government institutions,airport and military.This razor wire fence is virtually impossibole to climb or cut with general tools.

Weld razor wire fence could be diamond hole mesh and square hole mesh.All these special mesh and structure keep people far away from it.

Features of Weld ripper razor wire mesh fence:

· Virtually impossible to climb.

· High tensile core wire, very difficult to cut.

· Powerful barrier with neat appearance.

· No secondary use. (No one wants to steal the fence for himself usage)

· Simple to install .

Size and Specifications of weld razor wire fence: 

Razor barbed wire grade:BTO-10,BTO-20,BTO-22,CBT-65

Thickness of Sheet:0.5mm±0.05mm

Wire Diameter:2.5mm±0.1mm 



Mesh Size(Diamond hole):75mmx150mm,100mmx200mm,150mmx300mm

Mesh Size (Square hole): 150mmx150mm,200mmx200mm,300mmx300mm

Razor Wire Fence Weld Ripper Razor Wire Fence
Razor Wire Fence Razor Wire Fence

In addition,Durable Metal Products could make straightened line razor mesh fence work with weld wire fence.It is easy to be installed in many ways.Such as on the top of weld wire fence.Thus can save cost and at the same time achieve the effect of frightening and stopping.


Special Specifications can be produced according to your request.Awaiting to your message at any time.


Weld Ripper Razor Wire Fence
Diamond mesh hole or Square mesh hole Hot dipped
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